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Chapter 16

Types of Personality Traits

Characteristic Of Type A Personality

Time or Time Urgency

This is an extremely important part of a Type A personality because their work and activities completely depend on time. They hate being late under any circumstances. Traffic signals or any sort of queue irritates them and they consider it a waste of time. Interrupting people is a common trait too. They set deadlines and standards for themselves that they need to meet before moving forward. They work hard towards achieving any goal put in front of them and will not be told what to do.

Emotions or Free Floating Hostility

Showing impatience, being rude and aggressive at people are some of the most obvious features. Getting upset over small matters and showing anger over trivial matters is also seen. Adapting to change is not one of their strongest points. Also, if they are upset or dislike the place or company they are with, the dislike would be clearly visible on their face.


Money doesn’t buy happiness – but in the case of a Type A person, it does. For them, money buys everything including relationships. Money signifies power and security and this is how they would like to show it. They also make mental notes of everything that is money related – such as on what to spend, how to spend and on how much to spend!


Type A people always have a superficial relationship with most others. Work is most important to them. If that is done, then there is no need to interact or be nice to others! They have high expectations and demands from most people and thus never seem to get along with them. Superiority complex is what makes them stand apart from the rest. They never enjoy any body’s company because of this and are always seen shying away from a big crowd and society as such.

Physical Characteristics

Tight lips, clenched jaws and obvious facial tension. Grinding of teeth and clicking of the tongue Dark circles under the eyes due to lack of sleep (probably due to stress!) Sweating on the forehead and upper lip.

Consequences Of Type A Personalities

Heart diseases Hypertension Job Stress Social Isolation

Characteristic Of Type B Personality

Stress Handling

The Type B people usually do not get stressed easily even under acute circumstances. They are the happy-go-lucky individuals who do not entertain stress and anxiety while doing their tasks. However, they still prove to be fairly productive. They remain carefree and cheerful most of the times and are fun to hang around with.

Lack Of Urgency

These people do not mind waiting in queues for getting their work done and do not get hyper if it takes too much time. They do not feel any sort of compulsion to meet deadlines. They have got no problems relaxing or sitting without doing anything unlike Type A individuals, who end up feeling guilty if they sat without doing anything constructive. At times, Type B individuals may delay their work to the last moment due to lack of sense of time urgency.


These are the people who remain calm and relaxed most of the times. They believe in taking their time to stop and smell the roses instead of running the mad rat race. They take time to think and ponder before acting. Relaxation, enjoyment and fun come very naturally to them.

Less Competitive

Type B personalities are less competitive and their competitiveness is often productive with good intentions. They generally take their failures with a grain of salt and slough it off as merely an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, Type A individuals who are generally over-achievers, find it very hard to accept failures and end up developing low self-esteem.


Patience is a virtue and Type Bs are born with it. They remain calm and patient even under stressful situations and have a lot of self-control. They are less likely to get frantic about things and generally swear by the old adage of ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. They are also very tolerant and flexible and can change in order to adapt to changes. You would hardly find them complaining or lamenting about anything.


These individuals rarely tend to be aggressive or frustrated. Even if there’s something against their will, they are not prone to lose their temper. They are more likely to handle the situation very subtly and patiently, without getting irked. They are hence said to have lesser chances of getting any heart diseases or complications caused due to stress.

Socializing And Enjoying

Type B personalities are normally laid back people who hold a relaxed, creative, imaginative, artistic and friendly approach towards life. They spend their free time in leisure activities like socializing, shopping or having a good time. Due to their cheerful nature, these folks are surrounded by friends and lead a good social life.

Emotional Bonding

Their heart rules their head and hence they are very emotional and sensitive. They like expressing their feelings and are generally not indifferent towards others.

Type A Personality

• Type A people are seen as more competitive, great achievers and tend to develop a high sense of urgency towards their work. It is because of these traits that they are always busy and remain at the top of their game.

• Sometimes, however, they start feeling insecure and subsequently become adamant and resistant to change. They even end up fighting such circumstances rather than embracing or adapting to them.

• In order to stride towards the desired goal, they work hard towards achievements and that too, as fast as possible. In doing so, they fight their insecurities rather than ignoring them completely.

• Type A people do not relax or take their work for granted; even if they do, they tend to feel guilty for the same. Type A personalities are over achievers and they deal with various unrelated subjects and perform well in everything.

• The problem that these personalities face is that they are stressed frequently due to the number of tasks they undertake. Their expectations of perfection from other people also add to the stress.

• These people are highly competitive and possess an aggressive challenging spirit.

• Such people are generally ideal for sports, finance and any job that offers ample growth and requires focused efforts. They aren’t really cut out for teamwork; they perform best alone.

Type B Personality

• This type of personality is considered to be just opposite to that of type A.

• Though they are not as competitive as type A, type B personalities can be better achievers and do not get stressed easily.

• They tend to approach problems with a more relaxed and laid back point of view.

• There is a tendency in these personalities to delay work and give results at the eleventh hour. Obviously, procrastination is quite the mantra for type B people while that is one thing that type A subjects cannot even think of.

• These personalities are not in a hurry to finish work and do not have a sense of urgency all the time. They work at their own sweet pace and deliver appreciable results too.

• Type B people like relaxing and they don’t mind taking time off from work to sit idle and/or daydream.

• Such people are ideal for marketing, sales and any job that comes with targets and semi-flexible deadlines and involves people interaction.

Type C Personality

• People who belong to this category are more interested to know the minute details of everything and don’t mind spending time trying to figure them out.

• These types of people are more suitable for technical jobs.

• They know very well to control their emotions and desire even in cases of extreme discomfort and that makes them ideal for teamwork.

• The problem with this type is mostly lack of confidence that leads to stress and even depression. Type C personalities are more prone to depression than the other types.

• The people who belong to these personality traits are thoughtful and deep thinkers and seek answers for the questions as to what, why and how.

• They are more patient but find trouble expressing their emotions openly and hence, tend to be introverts.

• They have an inherent ability to please people around them.

• Type C personalities are prone to diseases such as asthma, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

• They are best suited for technical and back end jobs that require high caliber without much interaction.

Type D Personality

• The ‘D’ in the type D personality stands for distressed as such people tend to develop a pessimistic and negative outlook towards life.

• They fear rejection which is the reason why they tend to deflect social life despite their interest to be among people.

• They are sensitive and even a small event that the type B’s won’t even notice, can trigger a typical type D day.

• They can easily suppress their emotions and are very vulnerable and easily depressed.

• People with Type D traits are characterized as irritable, gloomy and worrisome. They do not share their emotions with others and this tendency increases their depressing attitude towards life.

• They are not very adventurous and prefer the same routine; they are resistant to change and are not very adjustable with people and circumstances.

• Such people often suffer from heart related problems and stress and are susceptible to coronary diseases.

• These people are generally seen as boring and have very limited social life.