Law Of Attraction For Financial Abundance, 21 of 24

# Affirmations That Build Belief In Abundance :

As with love, many people don’t really believe that they deserve financial abundance. Perhaps you’ve had low self-esteem all your life and equate wealth with people who are “better” than you, or maybe you’ve been bullied by people who earn more than you do at work. No matter what the cause of your sense that you don’t deserve more money, combatting this deep insecurity can be very effective in attracting what you desire:

“I am moving closer to a life of true abundance and prosperity every day.”
“There is enough in the world for everyone, and I’m going to get what I need.”
“I’m excited and ready to earn the riches I deserve.”
“I know I can succeed and build a life of abundance.”
In addition to practicing affirmations, remember that you can support your self-esteem with many other techniques from your Law of Attraction toolkit. For example, daily visualizations of success can do a lot to help you believe that you can have the things you desire. And creating a dream board can give you a constant visual reminder of what you’re working to achieve.

Even a simple exercise like making a list of ten things you like about who you re can help to connect you with the part of yourself that knows you deserve the very best in life.