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As you know, the most basic principle of the Law of Attraction is that thoughts have the ability to create. Everything you have and experience in your life today is a direct result of your thoughts. If you want to change your life or have, be or do something you’ve only dreamed of, all you have to do is change your thoughts. But what if you want to use advanced Law of Attraction techniques?

What if you want results to come faster?

What if you want the Law of Attraction to be more consistent?

What if you want to create lasting change and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible?

You’re in luck because there’s truly a power within you that can’t wait to be released! You can harness it with an advanced Law of Attraction technique called The Mirror Technique.

To use this advanced Law of Attraction technique, simply stand in front of a mirror. It should be large enough that you can see your face and torso. Make sure you stand completely straight with your head up and shoulders back. Breathe deeply a few times until you feel more centered and stronger. Look into your eyes and speak out loud to yourself about what you want to be, do, or have. Give yourself the biggest pep talk of all time. Bristol recommends doing the Mirror Technique at least twice a day – mornings and evenings.

Example of what you might say when using The Mirror Technique:

Mary, you look amazing! You are so trim and healthy. You eat only the best foods because they make you feel the best. You take such great care of yourself. You are an inspiration! Everywhere you go, people compliment you on how great you look. You look better and better every day! You feel so good! You radiate joy, happiness, and only the most positive energy. You are so proud of yourself for being the best you that you can be! Everything comes so easy and naturally to you. You are an outstanding success! This is your life and you’re absolutely enjoying it!

That’s how easy and powerful this advanced Law of Attraction technique is!