What is not time management

What it is Not Time Management

Some of the most common arguments about not having to put time into segments of activities is that time management restrict spontaneity. It takes away the surprises that make life more enjoyable. It makes life so regimented to limit freedom.

On the other hand a person who have learned enough time management and have applied them have more predictable results, have better direction and purpose, are more successful and often ends up with more time in hand.

Correct time management is really to enjoy what one reaps. But often, time control buffs go to the extreme of gaining more time to turn it into another frenzy of activity and so on where no time is really left to enjoy the rewards gained.

Whatever the arguments are, time management has to be applied and is crucial if one has to adapt to the thrill of competition.

Time management is not meant to plunge the self into an unrelenting activity, moving every which way, ending up the day exhausted and achieving next to nothing. I know this is anal but often it is done that way.

Time management is the ability to adopt to the limitation of time that is allowed to each of us everyday focussing on the envisioned end result and not necessarily on the movement per se.

Good time management is doing things a little each time with well-defined purpose of action. It is the ability to categorize what need to be done immediately, what has to be done next and so forth, in a realistic time frame. It is the ability to discipline the self against too many procrastination and entertaining excuses that results at best to delaying what is unavoidable.

Time management is to recognize what time of the day where one is most effective and taking the opportunity to take advantage of these most productive hours.

It may not be an accident why some peoples phone rings more than others, where visitors and e-mails keeps popping up and work disruptions keeps happening. Entertaining time stealers are often the best arguments to justify why work has been done when the results are not there.

Time management does not mean having to do too much. It is planning, prioritizing, being focused and doing the most essential things whether on a personal or on a professional level without looking for arguments and justification for things undone. As reasons for not doing things exist, reasons for not doing things also exist. Up front, rationalizing may come as a validation or as an idiocy but while doing that, time ticks on without mercy.

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