Chapter 29

29: De-cluttering for success

If we are surrounded by clutter and disorganization in our lives it makes an excellent breeding ground for negativity, negativity is what brings about feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem which hinders us in life and is the basis for us being unsuccessful in what we choose to do. It is essential therefore if we want to succeed and make the most out of life that we declutter from time to time and remove any excess obstacles and belongings from our path, keeping our lives open and free-flowing. Here are some simple points to remember to keep your home and life clutter free.

Replace old with new
This applies to anything which you bring into your home be it clothing, utensils, furniture or any other item if you continually buy and bring new items into your home then very quickly you are going to be overrun with items which usually end up being packed in cartons and put in the basement. Even if you pack items and put them in the basement it is still clutter, clutter that you could do without. So get into the habit of throwing things away or giving them to charity when you buy new.

Don’t keep unnecessary things
In order to keep your home clutter free it is essential that you don’t keep anything which is not essential, items belonging in this category include junk mail which appears through your letterbox, flyers, old newspapers, magazines, letters or trash from your car. Letters that you don’t need can be shredded immediately, the same for junk mail, while any trash from your car should be collected daily and disposed of immediately. It is surprising if you get into the habit how much junk you can eliminate building up in your home on a daily basis just by taking care of items such as this.

Throw anything away that you don’t like
Never hang onto items simply because you were given them as presents, while this may sound harsh it leads to unnecessary clutter, if you don’t like something then don’t keep it, give it away to someone who likes it or sell it but don’t hang onto it.

Have a goal
When looking around your home have a goal in mind when de-cluttering, for example, treat each room separately and say to yourself “I aim to de-clutter this room by 25%”. If you start out with a clear goal in mind you will feel more in control, organized and feel you are accomplishing something. You should divide the clutter into three piles, those items you can sell, the ones which are trash and those that you wish to give to charity, starting out with a clear plan and goal in mind makes de-cluttering your life so much easier.

Never procrastinate
Be harsh with yourself and don’t feel guilty about throwing something away or giving it away, once you start de-cluttering don’t give it a second thought and remove something from a pile and change your mind about getting rid out of sentiment. If we stop and think about every item in this way it sows the seeds of doubt and negativity that leads to disorganization and a home full of items we don’t need.