Regulation/Deregulation and International Standards, heading 1

Corporate Social Responsibility

Regulation/Deregulation and International Standards

Globalization need more regulation of the markets and economy. There are many new and complicated financial instruments and methods in the market and such instruments easily transfer and trade in other countries because of the obligation.

The regulations are necessary to protect countries against global risk and crisis.

The international rules and regulations also offers protection to small investor against the big scandals and other problems in companies.

International stander also regulate markets and economies by mans of international principles and rules such as international accounting standards, international auditing stander etc.

Market Integration

Globalization leads to the conversion of many markets and economics into one market and economy.

Market integration occurs when prices among different locations or related goods follow similar patterns over a long period of time. Group of prices often move proportionally to each other and when this relation is very clear among different markets it is said that the markets are integrated.

Qualitative intellectual capital mobility

Another effect of the globalization is human capital mobility through knowledge and information transfers.

International/multinational companies need skilled and experience international employees and rotation from country to country to provide appropriate international business practice.

The changing also requires more skilled, well educated and movable employees who can adapt quickly to different market conditions.

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