Way number 7

Take Self Responsibility

(Fiction Story)

If you’re committed to making a ​difference in your life then you have to understand your responsibilities. Just dreaming is not good enough to achieve your ultimate goals of your life.

This fiction story, explain the importance of self-responsibility​ and ownership of the work.

Once upon a time, there was a governor​ of the famous city, Who loved to take a ride on his horse in the morning. he was on his way, he saw a big piece of stone in the middle of the road due to the heavy rain and landsliding. Two of the road contractors​ were trying to clear the road under the guidance of one person who was just standing with umbrella. Those contractors were lack of machinery to pull that piece of stone off the road.​

The governor​ asked that man who was supervising the small team, “If you could help them they can easily clear the road for the people”. then That person replied, “I’m the boss, it’s not part of my job”. He jumped off from his horse and helped the other two workers​. When all sorted, then he came closer to the so-called​ boss and introduced himself.

he said, “I’m the governor of this city. here is my card, whenever you will have shortfall of a manpower, without hesitation just contact me because I completely take charge of my responsibilities being the head of the city”. After, this the happening he went back to his way.

So, From this short story, we can learn that ego is the biggest obstacle in the way of taking charge of our duties. we have to deal with this mindset and remain determined towards our goals.

You could take a few steps in this regard​…

– Defeat your Ego.

– Learn to Manage Yourself.

– Start taking Ownership of your Actions.

– Accept all odds and make a Strategy Accordingly.

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