Way number 6

Will Power vs Skills Set

(80% Will, 20% Skills To Succeed)

In every field of life, skills set always play​ a vital role in your success. You can only give 100% when you’re mentally strong. And a strong mindset heavily rely on a strong will power.


– Commit to your own success.

– Unlock the locks on your mind.


– Practice, Practice & More Practice.

For instance, you feel down in your life only will power can lift you up. Will power directly relates to your emotions and psychological​ behaviors. On the other hand, the skill​ set is an art that can be learned through practice. you only practice when you’re motivated, and motivation comes through will power.

The great American boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, Once he had explained his secret of success that, ” I didn’t succeed because of having a strong set of skills, I succeeded because of ​my strong will power”.

I would strongly recommend paying equal attention to the will power because that will keep your fighting spirit alive during your difficult times. So, always remain faithful and optimistic about your journey. Trust me, one day you will feel proud of yourself.

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