Way number 5

Tackle Right Things First

(The Story of Kangaroos)

They are 3 approaches to tackle problems in this world..

– Ignorance

– Acceptance

– Eradicating the Source of Problem.

This is the fiction story of the Kangaroos, living in the southern Australian zoo. One of the kangaroos was famous for his discipline and well-behaved​ manners. The people were​ just visiting that Zoo to see that Kangaroo.

One day the zoo management was surprised to see that kangaroo jumped out of his container. They put it back to his cell. Zoo management called a staff meeting the ​very next day. because that was the main source of revenue for them. They made the unanimous decision to elevate the container walls. Next day same thing happen again, that kangaroo​ was out of his cell. They thought, still wall’s not high enough, that’s the reason why kangaroo jumped​ out of this cell. The next​ morning, management shocked to see that kangaroo was playing soccer outside of his cell with monkeys.

They went to the kangaroo and shown their concern about his cell. Kangaroo first laughed … then replied, you folks elevating the walls every day but your staff forgets​ to lock the door. Every night when I see my other​ partners outside, I just open up the locks and come out.

This is what we do most of the time​ in our day to day life. We try to tackle the problems in the wrong ways and do nothing about the actual ones. We should be required to figure out the problem first rather than applying the solutions.

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