Way number 4

Be Focused

(7 Essential Rules )

If the task that should need to be completed in 20 minutes, takes us an hour to get done. And we hardly focus on any task more than​ 5 to 10 minutes before getting distracted. In this scenario, we have to construct a habit to visualize our goals every day to remain focussed.

7 Essential Rules will help you to remain​ focus to achieve productive results.

– Avoid Social Life Distractions.

– Take a Break after Every Single Task.

– Prefer Important over Urgent.

– Daily Achieve Small Goals.

– Create a Self Organised System.

– Convince Your Mind and Keep Winning Short Term Goals.

– Take Control over Mental & Physical Powers.

It’s time to share a short story, How and What type of intensified focus we need to succeed is summarized in this example?.

One upon a time Socrates a famous greek philospher met a young guy at the corner of the river. He was mentally disturbed but when he saw Socrates over there then he decided to ask Socrates for his guidance. He asked Socrates to show him the right path to get out of this depression. The gentleman said, “I want to be successful, How could I be?”.

First Socrates laughs, then he took him to the middle of the river. He dips his head into the river water, ​full of his power. It’s really hard for him to breath inside the water. he tried hard and succeeded in the end then he was looking happy and relaxed. Socrates said to the gentleman, “Son when you were inside the water, how desperately you need oxygen?”. The young person replied, “Sir, that was a ​matter of life and death for me”. All physical & mental powers were focused on one point to get out of the water and inhale oxygen into my body”.

Socrates then said, “This is the right way of success, that’s the answer to your question”.

In order to achieve our long term goals, we will be required an immense amount of focus by avoiding all possible distractions. it can only be achieved by following those seven essential rules​ and keeping that short story in mind to remain focused.

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