Way number 3

Define Your Version of Success

(3 Key Qualities)

In the 21st century, an enormous number of billionaires were backbenchers. They had started with humongous failures, but they possessed three unique attributes that​ lead them to success.

– Consistency

– Humble Nature

– Dogged Determination

Backbenchers is a term used for those people, who afraid to speak in front of the people, shy to express their feelings and they​​ prefer not to get noticed.

If you observe in this world mostly, achievers were the backbenchers. They were consistent throughout there academic​ life. Normally, these types of people receive a lot of criticism. They remain humble and absorb all sorts of​ criticism. They had the ​tendency to removed those tags, but they were self-willed (In a positive sense) by nature. So, what kind of result you can expect from this mindset, certainly​ they faced disastrous failures in there school and college’s life.

If you read about the stories of the backbencher, who reshaped this world with their brilliance. Largely, they had no interest in their formal education. Always, considered ordinary students in the beginning. Once Steve Jobs (co-founder of the Apple Inc) he wrote an application for his first job, that was filled with punctuation errors and spelling mistakes, later he was considered as the 20th century’s greatest visionary in the field of technology and build one of the richest business on​ this planet.

It’s a great motivational encouragement for the people who quit after a ​few setbacks. Mainly, that’s one of the reasons why I insisted to read autobiographies​ in the third section of this book.

Coming back to the point, only, being a topper is not an​ absolute guarantee of the success..

So, I would like to suggest defining your own version of success. having all odds in your way, turn the success table into your favor rather than just following the established pattern of success. You should need to define your version of success:

– Vision statements

– Mission statements

– Set realistic​ goals

– End goal

Constantly​​, work on your mindset and evolve your goals over the period of time.

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