Way number 56

Way No 56 – Join Focus Groups

A Focus Group is a group of people where people are asked to give their opinion, advice towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, etc.

Focus groups are similar to paid surveys but you need to know more about the subject and get involved into it.

Unlike paid surveys which ask you yes/no type questions, focus groups will invite you to participate in discussions or share your insights on a product or a service recorded via video on your smartphone, tablet or webcam.

When it comes to payment focus groups pay you more as compared to paid surveys but they expect you to have some knowledge about the subject and expect such insights from you which will help them to shape their product, service, etc.

Following is the list of names of top focus groups you must participate in:

20/20 Research

Nichols Research

Brand Institute

Mind Swarms

Athena Research

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