Way number 39

Way No 39 – Become A Ghostwriter

Who is a Ghostwriter?

In simple terms, a Ghostwriter is a person who writes for other people. 

Most of the busy bloggers, authors, publishers hire ghostwriters for completing their writing work. 

As a ghostwriter, your completed work will be owned by the person who employs you. 

Your name will never appear anywhere as an author. But you’ll get handsomely paid for the job. 

Most of your jobs as a ghostwriter will include writing books, eBooks, blog posts, articles and press releases. 

Suitable For – 

People who have the passion for writing.

Skills Required – 

Ability to get into the minds of clients, understand their needs and convert their story into writing.

How To Get Started – 

You can get started by visiting the following websites/URLs and applying for the available ghostwriting jobs:

1. Upwork.com

2. Freelancer.com

3. WriteZillas.com

(Exact URL – http://writezillas.com/freelance-ghostwriters.html)

4. Jobforwriter.com

(Exact URL – http://jobforwriter.com/ghostwriting.php)

5. Peopleperhour.com

(Exact URL https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelance-ghostwriting-jobs)

Expected Earnings – 

At an entry level, you can expect to earn $10-$25 per hour. Once you reach an intermediate level you can expect to earn $30-$50 per hour. 

You will make $60-$70 per hour once you have lots of experience and positive reviews.

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