Way number 33

Way No 33 – Do Interview Transcribing

What is interview transcribing?

To transcribe means to make a written copy of something. Interview transcribing is the process of listening to an audio or video interview and converting it into a written copy for reading purposes.

Today most of the journalists, nonfiction writers and bloggers conduct thousands of hours of interviews and most of them are too busy to transcribe them on their own.

So they outsource this job to speed the publishing process. That’s where they need interview transcribers.

Your job as an interview transcriber will be to listen to the audio or video interview and write it down word for word.

Suitable For –

1. Almost anyone.

2. More suitable for people to love to write.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to read, write and fluently speak the language of your operation.

2. Ability to listen and understand multiple accents in your language of operation.

3. Ability to type faster is a must.

How To Get Started –

The first way is to register on following transcription services sites and complete the available jobs.

Here’s the list:



The second way is to contact local newspapers, magazines, and TV news stations and see if they can offer you a transcribing job.

The third way is to contact bloggers, news website owners and non-fiction writers. Visit their sites,      
find their email and inquire if they have a requirement of a transcriber.

Expected Earnings – 

You will earn from $5 to $40 per hour for transcribing any interview depending on your expertise.

If you have any doubts regarding this method. Please contact us through our contact form.

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