Way number 28

Way No 28 – Do Document Translation

What does a document translator do?

When businesses grow globally, they need to communicate with their customers in a language that their customer understands. 

Most of the businesses communicate with their customers in written form such as email, product usage guides, help tutorials, written blog content and so on. 

In order to do this, they need people who are multilingual and can effectively convert a document written in one language into another. 

As a document translator, your task will be to convert documents written in one language into another language. 

The most common example you must have seen is a phone usage guide you get when you buy a new phone.

You must have observed that this guide has multiple versions written in multiple languages.

This job is done by document translators.

Suitable For –

1. Almost anyone.

2. More suitable for people who love to write.

Skills Required – 

1. Ability to read write and fluently speak at least 2 or more languages.

2. Ability to interpret the meaning of the context with right understanding.

Tips – 

1. Set up your home office with a computer, internet connection, a recording headset.

You’ll require this if you decide to participate in live conversations and convert documents online.

2. Most of the translation jobs are in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French.

So try to learn and be fluent in any one of them. These will fetch you more money.

How To Get Started –

The best way to get started is to upload your resume and list your rates and services on Translatorscafe.com. It contains a free online directory of translators and translation jobs.

Another way is to register yourself with the following top websites, these sites will provide you translation jobs based on your expertise and abilities.

Here’s the list:



Expected Earnings –

You will earn about $12/hour for translating normal documents and up to $40/hour for translating technical or scientific content.

If you have any doubts regarding this method. Please contact us through our contact form.

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