Tally 9.0 keyboard shortcuts

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut keyDescriptionAlt + 2Duplicate VoucherAlt + AAdd voucher / To Alter the column in columnar reportAlt + CCreate a master at a voucher screen (if it has not been already assigned a different function, as in reports like Balance Sheet, whAlt + DDelete a voucher To delete Accounting or Inventory master which is not used by any voucher or elsewhere in the alteration mode. ToAlt + EExport the report in ASCII, HTML OR XML formatAlt + IInsert a voucher / To toggle between Item and Accounting invoiceAlt + NTo view the report in automatic columns (Multiple Columns at all reports, Trial Balance, Cash/bank books, Group Summary & Journal RegAlt + PPrint the reportAlt + RRemove a line in a reportAlt + SBring back a line you removed using Alt + RAlt + URetrieve the last line which is deleted using Alt + RAlt + WTo view the Tally Web browser.Alt + XCancel a voucher in Day Book/List of VouchersAlt + YRegister TallyCtrl + AAccept a form – wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is.Ctrl + Alt + BCheck the Company Statutory detailsCtrl + GSelect GroupAlt + IImport statutory mastersCtrl + QAbandon a form – wherever you use this key combination, it quits that screen without making any changes to it.Ctrl + Alt + RRewrite data for a CompanyAlt + HHelp ShortcutAlt + F2Maintain Date for Multiple Years by changing period on Gateway of Tally / Change of Period for Setting PeriodCtrl + MSwitches to Main Area of Tally ScreenCtrl + NSwitches to Calculator / ODBC Section of Tally ScreenAlt + RRecalls the last narration saved for the first ledger in the voucher, irrespective of the voucher typeCtrl + RRepeat narration in the same voucher type irrespective of Ledger AccountCtrl + TMark any voucher as Post Dated VoucherAlt + DDelete any voucher in Day Book/ DeletingAlt + OTo upload the report to the webeAlt + MEmail the reportAlt + F1Close a Company (At All Menu Screens). View detailed Report (Report Screens). Explore a line into its details (At Almost all Screens)Alt + F3Select the company info menu (At Gateway of Tally Screen). Create/ alter / shut a company (At Gateway of Tally Screen)Alt + F5View sales and purchase register summary on a quarterly basisAlt + F12View the filters screen where the range of information can be specifiedAlt + ZZoomCtrl + Alt + CCopy the text from Tally (At creation and alternation screens)Ctrl + Alt + VTo paste the text from Tally (At creation and alternation screens)Shift + EnterTo view the next level of details and / or condense the next level of detailsF2Change the dateF4Contra Voucher (All voucher creation and alteration screens). View list of Groups (Reports groups summary, group voucher screen, cash/ bank summary)F5Select Payment Voucher. Switch between Grouped and Ledger-wise DisplayF6Select Receipt VoucherF7Select Journal VoucherF8Select Sales VoucherF9Select Purchase VoucherCtrl + F9Select Debit Note VoucherF10Navigate between Accounting ReportsF11Modify Company features specific to current company onlyF12Master Configurations, which will affect all companies in same data directory.Ctrl + LMark a voucher as Optional or Regular

Inventory Vouchers:

Shortcut keyDescriptionAlt + F4Purchase Order VoucherAlt + F5Sales Order VoucherCtrl + F6Rejection InAlt + F7Stock Journal / Manufacturing JournalAlt + F8Delivery NoteAlt + F9Receipt NoteAlt + F10Physical StockEscClear entry