Chrome shortcuts

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut keyDescriptionCtrl+TOpen new tabCtrl+W/Ctrl+F4Close tab (or close Chrome if only one tab is open)Ctrl+Shift+TReopen last tab closed. Up to 10 tabs.Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8Jump to first tab, second tab, etc.Ctrl+9Switch to the last tabCtrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch to the next / previous tab
(or use ctrl+page up/ctrl+page down)Ctrl+NOpen new Chrome windowCtrl+Shift+NOpen new Chrome window in incognito modeAlt+F4Close current windowCtrl and click on linkOpen link in a new background tabShift+ctrl and click on linkOpen link in a new foreground tabShift and click on linkOpen link in a new windowAlt and click on linkDownload linkDrag link to existing tabOpen link in selected tabDrag link to tab barOpen link in a new tab in the specified position on the tab strip.F6Alternate focus between address bar and webpageArrow Down/Arrow Up with focus on webpageScroll down / scroll upPage Down/Page UpScroll one page down / one page up. Also use space/shift+spaceHome/EndJump to beginning / to end of webpageCtrl+[+]/-Zoom in / zoom out (or ctrl+mousewheel)Ctrl+0 (zero)Return zoom to normal text sizeCtrl+UView webpage sourceF11Turn full screen on / offAlt+HomeJump to homepageAlt+Arrow Left/Arrow RightJump to previous webpage visited / jump to next webpageF5/Ctrl+RReload current webpageCtrl+F5/Shift+F5Reload current webpage with cache overrideEscStop webpage loadingTab/Shift+Tab with focus on webpageJump to next / previous linkEnter on linkOpen link in current tabCtrl+enter on linkOpen link in a new background tabShift+Ctrl+Enter on linkOpen link in a new foreground tabShift+Enter on linkOpen link in a new windowAlt+Enter on linkDownload linkShift+F10Open context menu (simulate right mouse button)Ctrl+ASelect all content on webpageCtrl+c with content selectedCopy selected content to clipboardCtrl+PPrint current webpage (Chrome Print Dialog)Ctrl+Shift+PPrint current webpage (Native Windows Print Dialog)Ctrl+OOpen fileCtrl+SSave current webpageAlt+FOpen Wrench Menu (I’d call it file menu to remember the shortcut)Ctrl+HOpen History tabCtrl+JOpen Downloads tabCtrl+F/F3Find text on webpage. Press Enter forEnter/Shift+Enter with text found on webpageFind next / find previous matchCtrl+G/Ctrl+Shift+G with text found on webpageFind next / find previous matchEscWith focus on Search box: Close Search boxCtrl+Shift+BShow or hide bookmarks barCtrl+Shift+OOpen Bookmark ManagerCtrl+DAdd bookmark for current webpageCtrl+Shift+DSaves all open pages as bookmarks in a new folderDrag URI to bookmark barBookmark webpage (can be URI from address bar or link from page)Alt+D, then F6Jump to bookmark toolbar. Use arrow keys and enter to access bookmarksAlt+F, then bOpen Bookmark Manager Tab