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“Coffee Day is a true Indian consumer story worth preserving” This is the last line of Coffee Cafe Day Director Malavika Hegde’s letter to his company’s employees.  It’s not ‘worth preserving’, it’s very much loved.  Once upon a time.  Every company is a novel.  Born, hard, pain, gain, loss all come and go.  If some happy ending, some will end in misery.   When Siddhartha committed suicide, everyone was back.  CCD has held us back so much.  But people’s memory is fleeting.  Asked who Siddhartha is now, the memory was false.  Let me tell you, Siddhartha was not just a coffee cafe.  Mind Tree, Waitewealth, Asia’s second largest 12000 acre Coffee Plantation is also his favorite.  Feeling like winning didn’t feel like losing.  Or did that ‘win’ tear Siddhartha in his magic and go somewhere?  Even a mistake in public life can be a hundred times a side.   Siddhartha himself ran away, but behind him were 25,000 families who believed in the company.  It is difficult for the general public to hire one, in which he has directly employed more than 25,000 people.  One thousand coffee shops across the country.  India’s brand has shone overseas.  On the way to Madurai, Ooty in the south is there.  Go to Maharashtra as much as you need on the highway.  Going to Shirdi, on the road there, in Pune, is similar to the Star Bucks in Mumbai.  CCD is an indigenous brand that offers a great coffee drinking experience in Kashi, Haridwar, North.  It was still liked by foreign brands.  CCD has been brewing coffee in every corner of India for foreigners.   We drank tea every day at our company’s CCD machine using the Ginger Tea Pouch before Corona arrived.  No matter what immunity booster it is today, it was already there.  Coffee Winding Machine in India using Fresh Milk  He’s still monopoly today!  With some good products at hand, there was a debt of Rs 7,200 crore on the shoulders of the company.  It was overthrown.   Siddhartha’s victory, the loser’s wife with a defeat  Standing up for himself and running the sinking ship that Siddhartha left in the last one year, he has been protecting himself from sinking.  The sadness of losing a husband is on the one hand, the banks that torment him every day, the creditors on the other.  In addition, the brood CCD has twenty-five thousand lives.  Although lost during Corona, people were not fired.  Don’t know how it was managed.  Selling only one of their assets – 7,200 crores of debt reduced to 3,200.  Malvika said in his letter that it was his responsibility to pay for it.   Coca Cola came to buy CCD.  Could have been sold.  Didn’t sell.  Being bankrupt, the loser could not go to the NCLT.  Didn’t do that.  He could sell his property and live abroad in that money.  The father was a former Prime Minister, the BJP leader, the Family Friend Dikeshi Opposition Leader, something was in order.  What would the forgotten world say if half of the Sicidian had been left in the water?  “He has left me a job to do, to settle every lender in my capacity, to grow the business and to enthuse and foster our employees.”  Is called.  For her, her husband’s dream is important.  Siddhartha, who was formerly the leaf of a leaf, was the chariot of the chariot CCD today.   Don’t know what’s ahead.  It is not correct to predict those days before the CCD will disappear or disappear.  But there is Josh in the letter of Malika Hegde, who has the spirit of accepting the challenge.  We heard his wife belongs to the Army when Majors died.  We have heard of mothers who have raised children in poverty after their husbands and served in the country.  In the hands of Malavika Hegde there is a child called CCD.  Save it, grow it?  To that question – if you remember this post when sitting on CCD the next day, the answer is yes!   #CCD., Translation (English)

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