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Jim Rohn was an exceptional individual when it came to the field of success, he was an excellent ambassador for personal development. His quotes are full of wisdom, use these quotes to better yourself and your life by understanding them and acting upon them. May this list inspire, motivate and push you to strive for greatness. Jim Rohn was busy living the average 9-5 life, then he met a successful individual named Earl Shoaff at the age of 25 who impacted him in a positive way to aim higher in life and take charge of it, Jim Rohn took himself from the path of mediocrity to the path of greatness by investing in himself, and so can you. Jim Rohn is the mentor of world-renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins and Darren Hardey of Success magazine, he has impacted millions of people with his seminars, books and personal development material, learn from Jim Rohn so that you can start living life on a new level., 1 of 57, In list, 57 items

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