Offline Credit Card Payment

Pay Credit Card Bill using Electronic Clearance Service (ECS)
You can set standing instructions with your bank or any other bank to make payment towards your credit card every month. The payment will be made towards the minimum amount due or the total amount due as per your preference.

Payment of CC Bill with Debit Cards
You can use your debit card at the bank’s ATM to clear your credit card dues. Simply select the option of Bill Payment and follow the instructions of the ATM.

The money will be debited from your savings or current account.

Pay Credit Card Bill Over the counter
You can visit any branch of the bank and pay your bill over the counter in cash. A fee is usually charged for this service.

Credit Card Bill Payment by Cheques and Demand Drafts
You can write out a cheque favouring your credit card and deposit it in either a drop box or a cheque payment machine. These are available at the bank’s ATMs or branches.

Payment of Credit Card Bill through SMS
A few banks have the facility to send an SMS to a designated number. The SMS should contain the whole or part of your savings or current account number and your credit card number. This facility usually has a ceiling limit on the amount you can pay.

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