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6. Health Blog

Health niche is one of the most lucrative niches out there. The reason is people searching for health solutions have a critical pain point, and so accurate health information is always valuable. There are sub-niches in health you can get by with researched information but generally, I’d leave the health niche for health experts. You will be advising people about their health (mostly life and death situations), you don’t want to be doing that with stuff you just ‘researched’ (fancy word for copy and paste) over the internet.

If you are facing a health challenge and you are on recovery (like weight loss or physical fitness), then it makes sense to start a diaries blog. Blog everyday about your efforts and activities – diet, gym, etc. If you are going to lose weight, might as well make money doing it.

Sub Niches: Health information, personal fitness, weight loss, drug use, herbal cures, home remedies, men’s health, women’s health, child health, cancer awareness, heart, skin care, snoring solutions, teeth whitening, etc.

How you earn: AdSense and other contextual ad programs, local advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, product reviews, company endorsements & sponsorship, information eBook & videos, etc.

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