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4. Happenings and Events Blogs

This speaks for itself. An event blog is always gold. Apart from events, you could also have a blog about what happens in your immediate environment. The bad thing about this niche is, it is very overcrowded. But then the good thing is, overcrowding is not your problem because you can bring your own unique angle and cover events from your immediate environment.

Useful tips: Because there are many popular blogs who cover this niche like LIB and BellaNaija, your ability to find a unique angle to your blog will play a very crucial role to your success. Also focus more on your local events instead of worrying what parties Mr. Aliko is hosting in Abuja. You will need to be on time – It doesn’t help if you post pictures of events from 2 weeks ago. You will rely heavily on social media traffic sources so your social media profile needs to be spot on.

Sub Niches: Event pictures & videos, wedding planning, opinion/analysis, event news, honey moon destinations, bridal outfits, events fashion (very popular), event venues, wedding tips, hall decorations, wedding decorations, etc.

How you earn: AdSense and other contextual ad programs, local advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, product reviews, events coverage and showcasing etc. When you finally become popular, consider doing other lucrative things with your brand name: magazines, apps, etc.

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