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17. Review Blog

A review blog is just what it is. You help people make a decision about what they need to buy by telling them what your experience has been using the same product. You can review anything under the sun: products, companies, cosmetics, restaurants, hotels, movies, websites, etc.

Sub Niches: Anything you choose to review is a sub-niche. Movie review is a sub-niche. So is restaurants, destinations, books, hair products, etc. Simply focus on the area you are most passionate about. You will need to be very honest in your reviews else you will lose trust. If you lose trust, you lose traffic and that would be the end of your blog.

Here’s a tip: if you are getting paid to review a particular product, make sure your readers know but also tell them getting paid does not in any way affect your judgment of the product under review (and stay true to it).

How you earn: AdSense and other contextual ad programs, local advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, product reviews, company endorsements & sponsorship, etc.

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