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18. Food Blog

After a popular pastor warned men not to marry ladies who cannot cook, the number of ‘how to cook xyz soup’ searches has spiked in the last few months. A food blog is always evergreen because there are endless recipes and ways to do stuff in the kitchen. You will need to be passionate about cooking. You will also need to be inventive and willing to try new things. You then share what you tried and the result with your readers. You will be saving a lot of marriages and helping form new ones.

Sub Niches: Recipes (How To), kitchen utensils and equipment, Product and restaurant reviews, local dishes, continental dishes, drink recipes, food crafts, food art, teas, natural food, food preparation, cook books, pastry making, snacks, desserts, etc

How you earn: AdSense and other contextual ad programs, local advertising, sponsored posts, product reviews, company endorsements & sponsorship, cook books & videos, etc.

There are more than 18 niche topics to choose from. These ones will give you a starting point. Let me know if you have any questions/comments. Also let me know which you think should be on the list.

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