Sell Your Services

If you’re a master of some skills and have been practicing it for years (or months with excellent results), you can very well sell your services via the blog.

The best part? You can decide the price point and can manage clients directly without any middlemen. The type of services you can sell can be:

• Help with creating/designing website
• SEO and Digital Marketing services
• Consultancy and teaching
• Developing custom dresses or recipe
• Content writing
• Virtual Assistance and more

To let readers know about your offerings, considering creating a separate “Services” page and filling in all the details regarding charges, duration, testimonials, etc.
Tip: If you’re doing repetitive tasks and answering the same set of questions over and over again, create an FAQ page and instruct new clients to go through it beforehand.
Also, do list out the requirements and expectations to avoid last-minute changes.

• You can earn more doing what you already know and love (maybe!)
• No need to deal with middlemen
• New challenges and opportunity to connect with industry people
• Easily scalable

• Dealing with clients may sometime be irritating
• You need to work continuously to make money, i.e. not a passive income
• Promotion and getting the word out is your duty
• May eat up personal time due to client’s unexpected requirements


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