Create a Coupon and Deals Section

Unless you live under a rock, you must have seen your favorite sites using this blog monetization strategy where they create a separate section to post deals and coupons.

Since there is very little information to share about the deal/coupon, creating a new post altogether isn’t a good idea. It may also affect your site with a thin content penalty.

On the other side, a separate section to post new deals and section is convenient, does not affect SEO, and readers get access to all the deals in one place.
If you aren’t a WordPress dev and don’t have one, try “WP Coupons and Deals” plugin (free version)

Woorkup does it better 


• Feature all the deals and coupons in a single location
• Better chances of conversion and extra features (like one-click copy coupon, open in new tab, expiry, etc.)
• Possibility to get ranked on SERPs
• No need to create separate posts detailing about new coupons


• Requires extra work for writing description and usage terms of each coupon
• May get overlooked if not correctly promoted