Blog Monetization Strategies with Good Earning Potential

It is always suggested to never put all your eggs in a single basket. If you’re completely relying on any of the above mentioned ways to make money blogging, do consider at least using one more blog monetization strategy.

If for some reasons, the primary monetization methods doesn’t work, you’ll not go out of business. Here are some blog monetization strategies with good earning potential.

13. Banner Ads

Banner ads are somewhat similar to AdSense, but instead of letting Google decide what banners to show, you’re the one in charge of it here. You need to determine what product or brand to promote, create or search for a banner, place it in a suitable location, and keep playing it with unless you’ve found what works best.
It may sound like a lot of work, but you can make good money doing so in addition to other blog monetization strategies.

Banner ads are charged on a fixed price with either a weekly or monthly contract. You don’t have to worry about getting clicks as you don’t get paid for it but for the traffic you’ve generated.

Helpful tips if you decide to monetize your blog with Banner Ads:

• Create an “advertise with us” page and mention that you offer banner ads service

• Place “buy this space” banners on vacant locations

• Do not offer DoFollow links from banners

• Join ad networks like BuySellAds


• Fixed monthly income

• You don’t have to worry about getting clicks or sales

• Can sell multiple banner locations to different brands

• Brands reach out to you, and you get to decide what products to promote. You can also negotiate for better pricing

• Not much effect on speed or user experience


• Only suitable for sites with massive traffic

• You need to know the worth of your traffic to get paid what you deserve, i.e. know how to negotiate

• You may not always get banners to show and have vacant locations for few months

• Not as popular as once used to be